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Date: 27th October 2016
Air Freshener Absorber Deodorizer For Air Condition
air freshener for air condition specification?I.General informationour air freshener works great for air condition to keep them smelling fresh They are unique in their quick ,long-lasting effectiveness,ideal for use in the air condition . No.DescriptionRemarkAbsorbent cotton paper ? ? ?4.0mm high quality cotton paperFinished product thickness4.0mmFragrance essential oilAll essential oil are made in FR and UK. ? ? ?Eco-friendly, healthy and Non-toxicPrinting4C print for outside packageShelf timeIf don't open package, shelf time is around 1 yearFragrance lifespanOpen package, fragrance can last around 20-30 daysPackage options?Vent Bag with Pure aluminium bagSample1. Existing sample: freeMOQ1000pcs with the same design and fragranceHS. codeAbsorbent cotton paper picturesII Fragrance Options Table is our existing scents, new fragrance also can be available. PE can develop new fragrance according to customers specific requirementHyacinthCoffeeStrawberryCheeryCitrus BlossomFresh LinenBambooPineappleCologneLotusBananaMagnoliaLemonOceanLavenderJasminePeachGreen teaGrassCoconutGreen forestAppleOrchidVioletRoseGrapeOrangeCherry BlossomSugarPineMuskLeatherSummerWineVanillaBergamotTropicalMandarinSandalwoodMintIV. Product CertificationTheair freshener can pass any test standard, we do Rohs 6 items already. If want to other certification, you can do test by yourself. We can promise If our product fail to pass test, we can make payment