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Date: 27th October 2016
Scented Fragrance Beads For Air Fresher
Scented beads specificationI. General information "Scented beads will absorb up to 50% fragrance oil and will out last most air fresheners, up to 1-2 year. depending on the fragrance oil used Can be used in sachets, scented sachet, Aroma pillow , Scented toy , as a potpourri substitute, air fresheners and more ." No.DescriptionRemarkScented beads1 . material ??EVA plastic beads ? ? ?2. fragrance oil ?percentage ????50%CustomizedFragrance essential oilAll essential oil are made in FR and UK. ? ? ?Eco-friendly, healthy and Non-toxicFunctionFilled with Plush toys ,and filled with scented sachet etc .Shelf timeIf don't open package, shelf time is around 1 yearFragrance lifespanOpen package, fragrance can last around 30 daysPackage optionsCustomizedSample?Free ?support .MOQ10kgHS. codeII Fragrance Options Table is our existing scents, new fragrance also can be available. PE can develop new fragrance according to customers specific requirementHyacinthCoffeeStrawberryCheeryCitrus BlossomFresh LinenBambooPineappleCologneLotusBananaMagnoliaLemonOceanLavenderJasminePeachGreen teaGrassCoconutGreen forestAppleOrchidVioletRoseGrapeOrangeCherry BlossomSugarPineMuskLeatherSummerWineVanillaBergamotTropicalMandarinSandalwoodMintIII Reference Pictures